Our Vision

A little background on why we are here, where we are going, and our belief system.

Our Vision

TL;DR: The Cardano community deserves the best possible tools and experience. Enlightenmint helps build these tools while having fun and staying true to what we are.
Stepping back and speaking from the heart – I love the CNFT space. I love the friends I have made, the beautiful art that I have, the communities that I am a part of.
I also believe there are fundamental flaws with how projects are introduced and minted that cause people to have a distaste for the space at times. I feel everyone should be able to participate, enjoy, learn and have fun. Many to the tactics people use to build an audience, or market their product tend to lead to a hype bubble that leaves many upset they could not mint.
I have a dream to take this back to the original roots of what the CNFT space was built on – community. I wanted to create a launch product that had simple, and fun utility (sending to people and laughing at ourselves) to create the community I wanted – people that want to be there.
I also want to create products that bring people together, rather than tear them apart. I want to create a system that people want to be, and stay, a part of for the long term, and have fun along the way. Real utility, and a fair process for all.

Our Core Values

Good to know: I actually care about you all, and the space. We will act with integrity, and stay true to our beliefs.

Emphasis on Community

You are why we are still here. We have taken the approach of building slowly, and catering to those who "get it". Strength in community brings us together, and keeps us together. I understand and appreciate this, and intend to give back every step of the way.

Excellence in Execution

We deserve better. Everything that we put out as a team should be executed with excellence in order to show that we have the talent in place to build something better. Not everything will be flawless, but open communication, community feedback, and transparency allow us to test new things, and build with you.

No False Promises

We will not tell you things we cannot deliver on to generate sales, or create hype. When we bring up an idea, concept, or tool trust that it has already been thoroughly vetted and is likely underway.
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